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Permanent Record

Permanent Record

Permanent Record is a new independent record label based in Cape Town, South Africa. The label was founded in late 2014, with the aim of providing a platform for local artists to release their music on vinyl. Not bound by any genre, PERMANENT RECORD strives to publish relevant South African artists. As such, the label […]

Revolution at Sport Unlimited

Revolution Team at Sport Unlimited Tokai

The Revolution team skated the mini ramp in Sport Unlimited, Tokai, Cape Town. Featuring: Justus Kotze, Clayton Petersen, Byron Rhoda, and friends. Filmed and edited by Matthew Lesch. Music: The Misfits – TV Casualty

Pushing Forward Skate Documentary

Pushing Forward Skate Documentary

Pushing Forward: The Golden Age of Video Is Dead Chapter One of the original skate documentary explores what it means to be a pro skater in 2014. Pushing Forward explores whether the traditional skate video as we know it is dead or not, and whether they are still relevant. They go into the idea of […]

Kent Lingevelt testing out the new Killer Street Slayers Abec 7 bearings

Kent Lingeveldt Tests Killer Street Slayers

South African longboarding legend, Kent Lingeveldt, tests out the all new Killer Speed Co. Street Slayers Abec 7 Bearings. He hit 90.9km/h. That is pretty damn fast. Available from Revolution retail stores and Screenshot taken from Kent’s phone: New and improved: Ball bearings are lighter, harder, stronger and longer lasting. Superior quality

Interpret Durban Call for Artists

Interpret Durban 5: Durban DNA

It is that time of year again; Interpret Durban is back and they’re celebrating their 5th birthday! For those of you not in the know Interpret Durban or #ID5 as this year’s installation will be more commonly called is a creative competition that covers photography, video, illustration/design and visual art that culminates in a night […]

Faith47 Madonna Mia Proteggimi

FAITH47 – Madonna Mia Proteggimi – Roma

This new artwork reflects upon the dangerous passage taken by stowaways in their journey over the oceans to idealised promised lands. Textured with scrawlings referenced from writings by stowaways found under bridges in port towns. – Faith47 Created during the outdoor festival in Roma.